Small Thoughts

As I ponder The Launch Pad’s creation I’ve had occasional little thoughts that I’ll be adding in this post.

Don’t Get All Mystical About It

I’d like to head off any projections that some might express. The Launch Pad has no mystical or ‘magical’ intent or properties. I’ve watched enough people interact with it as an artwork to know that it may evoke a strong emotional response to the beauty of the piece. That’s nice when it happens because it is true that I tried to make the most beautiful physical thing I could.

Sometimes there’s a problem, though, and people try to read more into some element of the creation that is actually there. For example some might try to try and discover mystical intent in the fact that I used Orion on the outside of the footboard and Cassiopeia on the inside. There isn’t any. I’ll admit that I wanted a male and female constellation to grace opposite sides of it. The choice of specific constellations was a reflection of childhood. As a Boy Scout studying astronomy on camping trips those two were the most easily recognized so they had a lasting impact. Simple, eh?

More to come sometime…

HeartSm Welles B Goodrich