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Three Ways Out

There’s been a notion growing within me for almost half a century. It has to do with death.

Initially I essayed an internal inquiry with a simple question. Is there life after death? The answer came as a growing conviction that there is. It didn’t matter to me that many people were staunch deniers of such. My answer is derived from inward inquiry and bursts of illuminated understanding.

As time passed I became convinced that in fact not only is the continuation of personality a given but there were three distinct types of departures available. Those are death, transition and translation. The differences among the three are dependent on the spiritual progress one makes here prior to departure. Spiritual progress attained in this material sphere equals energy for the quantum jump to our next world and resurrection in a more refined form.

Death is the normal departure mode for human beings of survival potential who have been unable to make any meaningful spiritual progress. They will enter a period of sleep and await the next dispensation, a time for resurrection of the sleeping survivors as a group to continue their ascendant careers. They pick up where they left off with some significant benefits. First they will know by experience the phenomena of survival, a great faith builder. Second they will have new forms with senses and minds possessing a greater capacity to appreciate spiritual realities.

Transition is awarded those who make conscious spiritual progress here on Earth. They are deemed valuable assets at the moment of death for the spiritual economy of the Local Universe of time and space into which they were born. At death the transition they experience is short and they are resurrected on an individual basis, sort of a jump-start on their eternal careers. I would suggest that those folks are consciously aware of the spiritual progress they are making and are willing participants.

The third way out is translation. Here is a descriptive a passage from Jerry Lane’s book The Adventure of Being Human II: Mother Spirit Speaks. “Indeed, it is possible for a human being to become totally one with their Father Fragment, even while in a physical body. The event of eternally fusing with a Fragment of God immediately extinguishes their body and translates them to the morontia state, or what we can call the full soul-state of being. Yet for most human beings at your stage of planetary development, this is a rare occurrence. It usually does not happen until, after natural death, you’ve traversed several Mansion Worlds* of development and further inner unification.”

I am of the opinion that in the very near future we will have representatives of Divinity physically and visibly present on earth. They will provide proof of the larger Universe as well as teach us about the nature of Creation itself and give us a clear understanding of the embrace of eternal life that is our potential destiny. After that event fewer and fewer people will be entering the sleep state of natural death. Transition and translation will become the prevalent mode of our departures to continue the quest for eternal life.

That is my conceptual foundation. I can imagine a new direction for hospice care. More and more people will be departing this material realm joyfully. They will feel certain of the continuation of their personalities and embrace the adventure of eternal life. I wish to see beautiful, joyous places built for the last day or days of people making the transition or translation to their next worlds. Furthermore I’d love leave behind me “The Launch Pad ~ a bed to die for” to be used in one of them to grace some of those departures.

HeartSm Welles B Goodrich

Small Thoughts

As I ponder The Launch Pad’s creation I’ve had occasional little thoughts that I’ll be adding in this post.

Don’t Get All Mystical About It

I’d like to head off any projections that some might express. The Launch Pad has no mystical or ‘magical’ intent or properties. I’ve watched enough people interact with it as an artwork to know that it may evoke a strong emotional response to the beauty of the piece. That’s nice when it happens because it is true that I tried to make the most beautiful physical thing I could.

Sometimes there’s a problem, though, and people try to read more into some element of the creation that is actually there. For example some might try to try and discover mystical intent in the fact that I used Orion on the outside of the footboard and Cassiopeia on the inside. There isn’t any. I’ll admit that I wanted a male and female constellation to grace opposite sides of it. The choice of specific constellations was a reflection of childhood. As a Boy Scout studying astronomy on camping trips those two were the most easily recognized so they had a lasting impact. Simple, eh?

More to come sometime…

HeartSm Welles B Goodrich

The Mortal Coil Shuffle

At first I was going to link many articles and sites around the web that deal with our departure from this plane of existence. There are poignant articles that are positively lovely. There are new ways of looking at death. I think most of all there is a conscious movement to get us involved once more in the reality of the death of loved ones as participants in the process. This is an excellent direction that is vitally needed for death is such a major component of earthly existence. We should learn to appreciate it.

Rather than duplicating my effort I’m going to provide a link to a Theoretics’ Forum thread entitled Is natural death the only way out? — On the topic of death. I’ll be adding brief descriptions and links to web based articles, videos and resources about death and dying. Here’s that link…

Is natural death the only way out? — On the topic of death